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Computer Lab Guide

Mark Twain Technology Lab/Cart CHECKLIST for Teachers


BEFORE bringing classes to the Lab:

1 - Identify a lesson objective:

  1. How is the pencil and paper technology being used to enhance instruction?  (Gain Knowledge, Create New Knowledge, Share Knowledge, Self-Directed Growth)

  2. Is technology Substituting/Augmenting a traditional paper/pencil lesson or is the lesson Modified/Redesigned because of access to technology?

(Hint:  There is no correct answer to these questions. These are an opportunity to reflect on your technology integration)

2 - Reserve a date on the shared calendar for the Computer Labs. Insert a your lesson objective in the Description of the calendar appointment slot. Book no more than 4 weeks in advance.   If you are NOT able to use the Lab time you reserved, REMOVE YOUR NAME from the reservations calendar promptly!

Check Student’s Responsible Use Policy approval. Prepare an alternative assignment or print resources for students who have not accepted the LAUSD RUP

Complete Seating Charts (or device assignment for carts) for each class and save these to your own folder.  Even easier, you can use a five column roster and assign students to their respective numbered device.

Student MyMail SSO/Email accounts; students MUST use their own LAUSD username/password to logon to email/drive accounts.   SSO setup takes 20-30 minutes the first time.

Designate a lab-monitor(s):  These students can help their peers with technical issues that arise during lab time.


3 - Have STARTUP and FINISH-UP procedures or use these generic procedures

Directions for naming, saving, dropping, or printing out completed work.

4 - Prepare a STARTUP directions, Lesson Objective, and FINISH-UP directions.

Prepare student resources: Post on your LMS or class-page a list of applications and sites students will need for your lesson.  Tip: have students prepared to model all application procedures on-screen to review resources and task steps.

  • If you need a specific app installed, please provide at least 1 week of notice


DURING the Computer Lab lesson:


1 - Line students up quietly outside the Lab before entering.  Stand in the doorway or inside as students enter; be able to monitor the lab and entering students.

2 - Students engage in Start-Up procedures and directions. Ensure that students put binders and bags under chairs.

3 - Circulate to ensure students are following Start-Up directions and have designated students assist with any log-on problems.

4 - Review objectives and model procedures.

5 - Circulate to ensure students are on task, following directions, and engaged in your learning objectives.


Leaving the Computer Lab lesson:




1 - Circulate to ensure students have logged off, returned borrowed equipment, and packed up all belongings. Check every monitor for a blank, right-side up Login screen.


2 - By seat, have students stand, push in chairs, and exit one machine at a time.

3 - Turn off LCD projector lamp and log off teacher station. (If applicable)

Notify MTMS of any computer problems; include Device/Case Tag # and Computer Lab/Cart number using the MTMS technology help form.




START-UP procedures

  1. Sit at your designated machine or pickup your designated ipad/laptop (if yours is not available, wait until all other devices are passed out, your teacher must make a note before you can be assigned another device)

  2. Inspect your machine for any problems and report immediately to your teacher within the first 2 minutes

  3. Turn on and log onto machine

  4. Be a good citizen

    1. Close out any windows that may have been left open by a previous user

    2. Log a previous user out if they are using an app/service you need

  5. Log into your apps/services you are using

  6. Be prepared to explain what you are doing to a peer


Start-up directions

  1. Explore for 5 minutes.  This is basically 5 minutes (maybe 10 on your first time with a device) for students to get used to the technology.  After several visits you can reduce this time or shift it to the end of class.  


FINISH-UP procedures

  1. Save your files to your Google Drive account

  2. Log-out of any apps/services

  3. “Remove” your account from Google Drive on iPads/Chrome Browser

  4. Sleep or turn off devices