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Contact Aurora Mendizabal  Aurora Mendizabal (310) 305-3100 P.E./Dance Teacher


Teaching & Learning Goals

The Dance Program at Mark Twain Middle School is designed to provide students with movement skills that will increase their flexibility, strength, and aerobic endurance. Emphasis is placed on learning the fundamental skills required for dance training while enjoying the physical benefits. In addition, students will have many performing opportunities that allow them to appreciate dance as an art form and their own creative expression. The dance curriculum combines the best pedagogical practices found in the California State Standards for both the Performing Arts and Physical Education.

Students will...

  • Explore dance elements and perform dance movements using the skills and vocabulary of dance.
  • Investigate historical, social and cultural meaning of dance and understand the significance of dance in the evolution of human expression.
  • Develop an awareness of the connectedness between the arts and academic core subjects.
  • Exhibit a physically active lifestyle and understand that dance provides opportunity for challenge, discipline, self-confidence, self-expression, academic success and enjoyment.