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Mark Twain Middle School World Languages Magnet is a unique program that focuses on the study of World Languages and Cultures. If your child is interested in learning a second or a third language and you see a benefit in having your child exposed to the values and views of other cultures, then this program will be a great choice for you. We live in an increasingly globalized world, and the future will require that our students acquire a wide perspective when facing challenges and solving problems. Discovering how in other parts of the world they not only speak differently, but also think differently and have a different set of values, is one of the most mind-opening educational experiences.

Our World Languages Magnet is currently offering 4 languages: Mandarin, Korean, Spanish, and French, and other languages might also be added in the future. The students in the Magnet program are exposed to all 4 languages during 6th and 7th grades, at an introductory level. Then, when they are in 8th Grade, they will choose one of the languages and they will concentrate on it during their upcoming High School years. If the students take advantage of their World Languages classes, they should be ready to enroll in a Level 2 Language class when they reach to High School, and become proficient in the target language before going to College.

The students in the Magnet Program take the same classes as the students in the Residential School: English, History, Math, Science, and Physical Education. However, while the students in the Residential School add an Elective class, the students in the Magnet Program add a World Languages Class. That means that they have an hour of World Languages instruction every day, and they are required to meet very high academic standards in their content area classes. Our average class size is 25 students per teacher in those classes, which is a great help in order to reach the goal of high academic

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Mark Twain World Languages Magnet was identified as an Achieving Magnet for the 2011-2012 School Year.Mark Twain Magnet Achievement Certification.jpeg