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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Once you click on any one of the following links, you will leave this website. Please note that we are not responsible for any content posted on these websites or the design of these websites.

Algebra Help!

BrainPOP. Enjoy this wonderful opportunity! Username: twainmark; Password: shark.

California Colleges. This is a great site for students to plan and explore their college choices, requirements, and is packed with solid information about Financial Aid, Admission Policies, and Career Exploration.

California Reading List. Parents and students, access a list of books that correspond with your CST scores.

Character Counts. This is the type of student agenda-planner that we use at Mark Twain.

Clearing House. Do you want to map out your plan for college? The CLEARING HOUSE is a GEAR UP resource that helps teachers and parents develop and cultivate a college-going culture for all students.

  1. Go to and click tab "CLEARING HOUSE"

  2. There are 2 major categories to choose - "PARENTS" & "EDUCATOR"

  3. There are 4 tabs to choose - Peach (FAQs), Green (DETAILS), Blue (RESOURCES), Purple (GLOSSARY)

  4. There are more sub-tabs to check out - College Awareness, Communication & Social Issues, Financial Aid, Learning Environment , School Systems.

Create free electronic flashcards, notes, outlines, or search for existing material!

CST Release questions. Do you want to know what type of questions are on the CST?

EXPLORE. Taking EXPLORE® in 8th or 9th grade tells you things you need to know—to plan your high school courses, prepare for the ACT, or choose a career direction.  Links for students and parents!

H1N1: We'll Help You Prepare. Our school nurse, Ms. Fabrican adds: 

1) In the movie, the use of WARM water is advised to kill germs. CORRECTION: it is OK to use cold water and soap because we are just washing the germs from the oils on the skin, not killing them.

2) The girl in the movie uses her freshly-washed, clean hand to turn off the faucet. It is recommended to use a paper towel to turn off faucets.

LAPL Teen Web Homework Help.

LAUSD Instructional Standards. Guidelines for Instruction by grade level and subject.
Los Angeles Unified School District. Once on this page, try LAUSDnet Kids by clicking on the home tab.
Parent Institute for Quality Education. Sponsored by GEAR UP, a free nine-week parent education program will begin in Fall 2009 at Mark Twain Middle School.  Stay tuned for more details!