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Campus Safety


Campus Safety

  • After 7:55 a.m., students must enter only at the front entrance of the school on Walgrove Ave. No students are to be dropped off in the staff parking lot.
  • Gates are locked daily at 8:30 am for the safety and security of students and staff. Visitors must check in at the main office for a visitor’s pass.
  • No students are to be on campus after 3:15 pm UNLESS participating in Extended Learning, Youth Services, LA Bridges, or YWCA programs, or supervised by a staff member.
  • The switchboard, phones, and offices close at 4:30 pm.
  • Walk-outs: In the event of public demonstrations, students who leave class and/or leave campus will be marked truant and face consequences.
  • Random Searches – The Los Angeles Unified School District requires that each school conduct daily random physical search and “wanding” of students. This may include searching student clothing, book bags, lockers, and other personal property for illegal substances and weapons.
  • None of these items are to be brought to school: canned sprays of any kid, glass containers, matches, lighters, fireworks, stink bombs, or laser pointers.
  • Students are not to threaten, intimidate, or cause bodily harm to any school employee or any student. Fighting will not be tolerated.


Zero Tolerance – Mark Twain Middle School enforces a zero tolerance policy towards:

    • The use or possession of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
    • The possession of guns or replica guns.
    • The possession or brandishing of knives or other dangerous objects.
    • The unlawful sale of controlled substances.
    • The committing or attempt to commit sexual harassment.
    • Hate crimes.

These acts will result in automatic recommendation for opportunity transfer, and possible arrest or expulsion.